ICE is sponsoring and overseeing the creation of two cross-disciplinary courses that will be accessible to the public on the Internet. The courses are produced at Dartmouth as part of the DartmouthX initiative, Dartmouth’s partnership with edX (Dartmouth is a Charter Member of the edX Consortium).

Current Online Course

Libertarian Free Will: Neuroscientific and Philosophical Evidence

Course Description
The second of two interdisciplinary DartmouthX courses sponsored by ICE will tackle the classic “mind-body” problem from both sides, attempting to bridge the gulf between what neuroscience is learning about the brain and what psychology understands about the mind.
Taught by Dartmouth Professor Peter Tse

Archived Online Course

Question Reality! Science, Philosophy, and the Search for Meaning

Course Description:
Taught by ICE Director Marcelo Gleiser, Question Reality! investigates the limits of knowledge and what we can and cannot know of the world and ourselves. How much can we know of the physical world? Can we know everything? Or are there fundamental limits to how much we can explain? If there are limits, to what extent can we explain the nature of physical reality? This course will trace the evolution of ideas about the nature of reality in philosophy and the natural sciences through the ages. Starting with the pre-Socratic philosophers of Ancient Greece and ending with cutting-edge theories of quantum physics, the universe, the mind-body problem, and the nature of mathematics and computing.